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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first award!!

Thank you, Lizzie! =)

's what I'm supposed to do:
Write 7 things about myself, than pass it on...

1# Loves a good game of competitive volleyball!! =)
2# I've always wanted a Arabian horse!
3# Wants my first car to be a Mustang!!! =)
4# I'm starting photography classes Sept. 19th!!
5# Getting a new guitar soon!...hopefully!=) [I've got my money saved up now!!]
6# Likes to stay up late...but is NOT an early bird! Hates getting somewhere late and leaving early!
7# Love's to dance!! To spin and twirl!! =D

OK! There you have it! ;) Now... I'm also supposed to give this to 15 others!! =0 I'm not sure about that, but I award:

And, that's what I've got for now! If I did 15 people I would have to award some guys but... I don't think they wound appreciated that! ;) [Even though they're blogs are pretty cool!]