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Saturday, October 1, 2011


It was very GOOD!... that's all I'm allowed to tell you! =D And I think it ranks the top of the Sherwood picture films in my opinion! BUT Facing the Giants comes really close! =) We cried several times. The intensity is almost too much!! =D ...
So here are a few pictures from yesterday. By the way, besides us, there was like, 8 other people in the theaters! So we could pretty much pick our seats =) The last time we went too the theaters was when we went to see Monsters, Inc. And I have no idea how long ago that was. =)

Here it IS!!!

~Katie =)


*Lizzie* said...

WOW! Amazing movie!!! Love it!!! :)

Rebekah Brielle said...

Cool! I just found your blog, and I'm following you :)
Check out my blog, It's a Love Story!

Koda Girl said...

I am absoutly DIEING to watch it!!!! I cant wait!!!!! im sure it will be incredible!!!! but we have to wait till it comes out on dvd :/