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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, Blogger would not let me post pictures yesterday or today, So I'll post more pictures when blogger gets its act together!... =) For all who do "Buzz" I've got some new pictures on there! Gotta Go...



*Lizzie* said...

YOU'VE GOT BUZZ?!??!??? SAME HEREEEEE! what is your name on buzz?! maybe I could follow youuuu because I have buzz tooooo!
my name on buzz is Lizzie J. so find meeee!

Hey that stinks blogger won't let you post any pics! my friend's old blog did the same thing and she had to make a new blog 'cause blogger wouldn't let her post anymore because there was like a limit! hopefully you haven't reached that limit!!!!! that would be horrible! 'cause then you have to make a WHOLE new account and blog account to post pics!!!

hey, btw! all those posts down there are so beautiful!!! great job!!!