My goal is to proclaim Christ through my photography work, To capture His beauty and share it with others!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Psalm 36:5-9

Here is a picture I've taken {that I've taken} and added a bible verse too.
Hope you guys likes! =)


Christianna said...

Neat! Such a beautiful sky picture. All the different fonts and sizes make this picture so creative. It reminds me of my brother - he always does stuff like that. :)

Koda Girl said...

that is so beautiful! absoutly beautiful! - and reflecting. I love the picture, and i REALLY love the scripture passage your put on it! you really did a great job!!! :D
sorry i havent been into the blog world for a couple weeks! summer gets like that!
hope you've been doing well!

oh and im sorry i never emailed you the guest post i was supposed to do! i am just clueless as to what i would/or should do it on! if you still wanted me to do it - give me some ideas lol!!!