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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hey peoples! ;) Welp! I've been tagged by Rachel Heffington. And here ya go...

11 random things about me:

  1. I love lying in tall, soft, green grass
  2. I wish I didn't have such thick hair!! {It's so hot in summer}
  3. I  Love T-shirts, crazy socks and hoodies!
  4. I wish I had a dirt bike!!
  5. I Love playing guitar, in the dark, outside.
  6. I want to go to Rome!!! 
  7. My nickname dad call's me is Katie-Bug {No one else is allowed to call me this}  ;)
  8. I wish I had a small personal airplane! =)
  9. Some of my favorite memories are spent with friends!                            
  10. Hand-milking is awesome.
  11. I pretty much sing all the time...

And now I get to answer the 11 questions from Rachel H. =)  

1. What is your favorite flavor of jellybean?
Well. I don't like them. =) 

2. Dancing in the rain or walking with an umbrella?
 Dancing in the rain for sure!

3. Pens or Pencils?

4. Shoes or bare-feet?

5. Hammock or tree-house?
  Hmm...I like both, but I suppose a tree-house is #1

6. Ideal summer day: Describe it.
  It's hot. Big fluffy clouds. The sound of thunder under you as you race across an open field. You're holding on with all your might while you let your horse fly! There's long, tall, rich green grass that swooshes and bends as you thunder past...  *sighs*

7. If you could look a certain way, what would it be?
   I used to wish I had blond hair and blue eyes... But I like how God made me! 

8. Would you ever get a haircut above your shoulders?
  I've been known to do so before... 

9. Funniest person of your acquaintance:
  Oh boy! Hard question!! But, I have to say, the Heffingtons "laugh" is SO contagious, that one has to laugh when they do! =) 

10. Do you like chunks of stuff in your ice-cream?
  Oh yes...

11. Mint and Chocolate or Cherries and Chocolate?
  Mmm... Mint and chocolate, I don't like cherries.

And I might tag some people later. I can't think of any questions, Sorry! =P